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[Translate to English:] Gelbes Fahrrad an der Nordseeküste

Country life - selected tour destinations


Süderlügum, located on the German-Danish border, is an excellent starting point to discover and enjoy the "true north" in all its diversity. Take, for example, a bike tour in the fresh North Sea air along the Ochsenweg through the green coastal paths, discover our beautiful neighboring country Denmark or visit the many interesting places and sights around our homeland, which has been shaped by the coexistence of Frisians, Danes and Germans for centuries.

[Translate to English:] Radwanderweg in Dänemark

Border road trip

You will feel the special flair of our region when you take the border route. The ever-changing relationships between people from different cultures are reflected in many ways, for example in the landscape, in the architecture or in the way of life of the local residents. This special flair can also be reflected in neighboring Højer, not far from the North Sea coast and the Flensburg Fjord. For example, cross the historical German-Danish border 13 times on the cycle path…

[Translate to English:] Süderlügumer Binnendünen

Süderlügum inland dunes

The Süderlügumer inland dunes -Sönder Lögum Klit- reachable in 15-20 minutes on foot from Tetens, is an almost 50-hectare nature reserve of a special kind. Although the North Sea is 20km away, one has the impression of getting to the beach through imposing dunes. The experience appeals to the senses, hikes in the adjacent forest and moorland make this tour a great experience…

[Translate to English:] Noldemuseum in Seebüll

Seebüll with the Nolde Foundation, the Nolde Museum

Seebüll with the Nolde Foundation, the Nolde Museum can be reached in less than 10 minutes from Süderlügum and, with its changing exhibitions, is a cultural event of international standing. A wonderful overview of the works of the great expressionist is shown. Visit this place in the North Frisian March and enjoy the day with a walk through Nolde's wonderful garden…

Tønder and Møgeltønder

Tondern and Mögeltönder, beautiful places with eventful Danish - German pasts. Møgeltønder with Schackenborg Castle and its very well-preserved historical main street are worth seeing, as well as Tønder, which its town was founded in 1243 and it's one of the oldest in Denmark. Visit this gem only 7 km away from Tetens, and stroll through the old streets and at the same time let yourself be taken by the Danish way of life and coziness that can be felt everywhere.

The internationally known Tønder Festival at the end of August is also a sign of the openness and diversity of the people in our region. The festival is now one of the established jazz, folk and rock events in Europe…


[Translate to English:] Wattwanderung an der Nordseeküste in Dagebüll

Dagebüll, the Halllig and the Wadden Sea

The drive directly to the North Sea coast to Dagebüll takes only 20 minutes. From here and from the nearby Schlüttsiel, the boat tours to the islands and Halligen start in a unique world of ebb and flow. In addition, the "bathing dike" invites you to take a swim in front of the imposing backdrop of the Wadden Sea…

[Translate to English:] Dünen auf der Insel Römö in Dänemark

Römö Island in 50 minutes

As a direct neighbor of our great island of Sylt, Römö / Rømø offers one of the most beautiful beaches in Denmark, perhaps all of Europe, imposing sandy areas, most of which are accessible by car, invite you to go directly to the water or to the dunes in front of you. For families there is free bathing fun with big waves when the weather is nice or a nice kite flight when the wind is blowing…

Flensburg and Glücksburg

And now to Flensburg and Glücksburg, to the Baltic Sea in just 30 minutes.

With its wonderfully laid out historical port and the Maritime Museum, Flensburg tells maritime history in the center of what was once the most important port city in the Kingdom of Denmark. The old town with its rustic and beautifully renovated merchants' courtyards also testifies to this historical background again and again. There is so much to discover in this city, which has been shaped by Germans and Danes to this day, this also applies to the nearby Glücksburg with its unique white moated castle. You will find pure romance during a visit. The unique location of the small town on the Baltic Sea is known by sailors all over the world.

In addition, you should definitely take a detour to the Holnis peninsula, part of Glücksburg, with its natural and bathing landscapes. Enjoy the unique atmosphere with a visit to the beach cafe with a view of the "Danish South Seas"...